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Orthotics for Football and Rugby


Football & Rugby require considerable strength and stability, especially in the lower part of the body. The player’s foot must always be in contact with the ground- whether on soft or hard terrain–to maintain balance. This ability is challenged as a result of the sudden changes of direction and quick halts which the game involves. Stability maintenance is essential when the player is in direct confrontation with a rival player. Tamir Kfir’s specially-designed orthotics prevent the slipping-and-sliding of the foot inside the shoe and maintain knee stability to protect against stress fractures and shin splints. They also absorb shocks and prevent the accumulated strain on the foot, thus actually enhancing the player’s performance.


Tamir Kfir’s orthotics are custom-made to fit the unique structure of the player’s foot, his position within the team and the particular challenges of the game, including the different kinds of playing fields.  



Dynamic Motion ControlTM Orthotics

for Football & Rugby provide:

• Quick sprints enhancement

• Stability and balance in different kinds of fields

• Stress fractures and shin splints prevention

•  Support of rapid direction-changes and sudden halt

•  Prevention of the foot’s 

   slipping-and-sliding inside the shoe